Delivering Recognition

As we kick off the Recognition Roadtrip, it’s important to recognize that our success starts and stops with the CCSWB Private Fleet Transportation team.  

Every day, our Private Fleet Transportation team moves Coca-Cola products back and forth between our distribution centers and production center facilities. The Transportation leadership team received Arca Continental’s 2021 Value Generation Cup for being people focused and driving employee engagement. 

Now, they have an additional mission: ensuring the 5-ft Coke bottle safely makes it way to all our facilities over the next six months so all of our heroes can get the recognition they deserve.

Special events driver Mike Roadruck from Ft. Worth was the first driver to start the Recognition Roadtrip, moving the bottle from Dallas to Ft Worth, where Cade Lindsey and Hilda Velez put it on a trailer to Quapah driven by Michael Cowley. Adam Whitson and the S&R team in Quapah sent to Okmulgee, Oklahoma, the first stop along its route.  

“The Recognition Roadtrip gives frontline heroes within CCSWB a fun opportunity to show off their beautiful and diverse towns,” said Clark Greer, private fleet transportation manager. “I’m beyond excited to see the creative ways our heroes will use this bottle to celebrate the great work they do.”

Greer notes that the fleet team’s motto is to “Move Coca-Cola products safely, effectively and efficiently from point A to point B.” CCSWB employs 178 transport drivers who expertly move Coca-Cola products to and from facilities across Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Although the bottle may be a little larger than their usual deliveries, the motto for the Recognition Roadtrip remains exactly the same.

“This company is relatively young,” Greer said. “However, the amazing people who are the foundation of CCSWB have created a culture unlike any other. Without each one of our heroes, we wouldn’t be where we are today.” 

The Recognition Roadtrip will end in Dallas/Fort Worth in April 2021 to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of CCSWB. 

Be sure to keep an eye on social media and www.cocacolaswb.com/roadtrip to see the updated journey of the bottle through every CCSWB facility over the next six months.

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